How to clean motion capture data directly in unreal? (animation curves)

Hello I have data from motion capture and facial capture and I want modify directly the curves in Unreal engine 4.26.

Actually I can access to the data and curves of the differents blendshapes for the facial in animation asset of the mesh but I don’t find the curves for the body motion capture.
Anyone have any idea where I can find this?


Hey Neowlink16,

After wondering the same thing myself, I managed to find a way…

Open up your animation sequence, and you’ll notice the last icon at the top icons bar is ‘Edit in Sequencer’ which then has a dropdown option called ‘Edit with FK Control Rig’

This will make a new temp. level sequence of your take containing your skeletal mesh with all the mocap data baked as keyframes (baking time will depend on how long your take is).

After making your adjustments/cleanups, just save your level sequence and it’ll apply the new animation data back into your take.
This goes without saying, make a copy of the Animation sequence beforehand as a backup lol

Hope that helps!