How to clamp a negative float?

I do not understand this. When you draw an axis, why would you put negatives on the right hand side? I think that’s the confusing bit.

Why is the “min -1” and “max -0.01” ?

Because -1 < -0.01

Hello, i want to make this answer here because i couldn’t find anything on google.


Why is the “min -1” and “max -0.01” ?

Imagine a line of numbers:

-1.0 ------ -0.5 ------ 0.0 ------ 0.5 ------ 1.0

Lower ------------------------------------> Higher

-1.0 is the lowest(min) and not the highest(max) value it can become.

I was bit confused at first, so i decided to make this Post here.

Fixed, i guess.