How to choose the install path?!

some time ago I was installed UT4 but I was deleted it becouse I wasn’t have much spacedrive. Now I have new 2 TB HDD but it’s installing in the old! How can I change it?

Hey Титан,

When you press the Install button for Unreal Tournament, you should see a pop up appear that shows you an installation directory and then has a Browse button next to it. Pressing the browse button will allow you to choose a new location for your installation.

I’ve just tested this on my end and it seems to be working as expected.

Have a great day

I didn’t noticed the delete button. Of course I didn’t suspect that I sould delete unexisting files. Now I need to install UT and UTDevKit again, becouse it’s don’t care that I already install these programms, it’s downloading and installing it’s again