How to choose muliple actors in get actors of class?

I have a get actors of class node, I drag a ware and type get and it asks for an index. there are only two in the map so I drag a wire from the integer input and type "and and use that node to make it 0 and 1. It never affects both actors, only one.

Is there something I don;t understand?

If you have used Get all actor of class and want to interact with all instances of that class, you can drag the result of the Get all actor of class node out and choose the For each node, that way you can interact with each and every instances of that class.

If the problem still remain, several screenshots of your blueprints will be a big plus to help solving your problem.

this actually did work!! Now it works for all of the objects…Thanks ;:_
but let’s say there are 6 objects… How could I operate just 4 of them set up this way?

First you will need some conditions to seperate those 4 instance from the other, such as a boolean value, float value, string,… Then use Get all node, For each node, and before do anything else, use a branch node to check each instances condition. Depend on the current instances condition, you can re-route them to run to either True route or False route.