How to check which Boolean came true?

Okay so as u can see by the image i am checking alot of different dice rolls to see which ones rolled 6, in my game abilitys cost dice kind of so this ability needs 3 6s and 1 1 or 4 and ill deal with that but how can i check which one made it true so i can get rid of that so in my next check it wont make it true again if that makes any sense bc u have 5 dice and of course i dont want 1 die that got a 6 to count for all 3 lmk if yall have any ideas ty!

I’d make a new blueprint for the die. It could hold it’s own roll number, and could be easily excluded from future rolls.

Instead of 6 separate compares to 6, use for loop.

  • make array of dices that has all reference to them, die 1croll die2croll …
  • then make for each loop that goes trough that array
  • then get correct reference from array and compare it
  • index will be first die that has 6

And generally convert this logic to forloop, work more with arays. Make blueprint function library, create there some pure functions. All that helps with limiting clutter and spaghetti code (this name fits perfectly for blueprints).

that is actually much better than i did i ended up just making a new function doing branches for each of the rolls over and over to check it but u are correct a foreach loop would do the same thing hmm im mad at my self now lmao ty brotha!

Switch on Int might save you some time and prove useful in your future endeavors.