How to check WHICH apex asset is equipped?

Having apex assets, I wish for their use to pose as conditions for some of my morphs (for example I want the hat to remove the ears, but I don’t want for the hair to remove the ears! and the hair and hat use the same slot, depending on which one is equipped. The path to this is I imagine would be:

  • check if anything is equipped in a apex material slot with a “Is selection using cloth” (this works proper)
  • if yes check what exactly is equipped there (oh o, how do I do this?) <<<<<<-Core issue…
  • apply conditioned variables to morphs (but the step above!?)

Basically all I need is a way to get the name of an apex asset currently equipped in a particular slot. It is no problem checking whether Anything is equipped in that particular slot, but I wasn’t able to get the exact name or ID of the equipped asset to make any kind of distinction.

So I was thinking to compare strings, or names, but could only find a way to get the entire list of apex assets, not an ID of one equipped in a particular slot.

If there is no way to make such a check, does this mean I will have to provide the conditioned functionality with each individually equipped cloth asset “in the same line of code?” because I kinda wanted to use the “starts with” string comparisons to ease my way into a more automated clothing asset creation.

To check which apex clothing asset is equipped, all you have to do is do a “get material” on the corresponding slot. Since each apex asset will probably be using a unique material, it effectively provides a way to find out which apex asset is equipped in which slot.

Now I just need to find out how to equip and un-equip apex clothing assets during gameplay, anyone with experience please leave a note.

having done quite a bit of scouting I’ve only found a vague thread of unrelated guidelines on how to have a functional swapping system for apex clothing.

I presume that currently the only way of doing this would be to have an extra set of body parts (for each cloth element slot) and swap between them and parts of a modular character mesh, in the character blueprint.

however, having a non modular mesh I am still wondering how to get it to work. any ideas?