How to check whether phone is connected to internet or not

Want to check internet connection on my android game

The easiest solution is probably to run a simple GET request against something like using a simple C++ function like this one:

void AMyActor::RunInternetCheck() {

	TSharedRef<IHttpRequest, ESPMode::ThreadSafe> local_http = FHttpModule::Get().CreateRequest();

	local_http->OnProcessRequestComplete().BindLambda([this](FHttpRequestPtr request, FHttpResponsePtr response, bool success) -> void {

		if(request->GetResponse()->GetResponseCode() == 200) {		

			/// ---> add your code here that gets executed when having internet connection



But Im using blueprint so how can I implement this in my blueprint project

BlueprintNode "Has Active Wifi Connection"can check whether your mobile is connected to wifi

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works for me:) also for windows and android as well

You can use this to detect WIFI / Mobile data in Mobile phone.

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here you can check Internet Connect video URL link -