How to check the matching rate between the manufactured model and the image based on the model

I would like to know if there is a function to chech the difference in image quiality and accuracy between the mesh model and the image by comparing the mesh model generated from the image and the actual photographed image.

Previously, the image was downloaded through the image render function and compared in a designated location. Is there a function that can be compared a faster and more efficiently?

Hi yunsik79, not sure what you want to achieve. 

You can use inspection tool which will show you bad aligned images


I’m sorry, but I’ll explain again.
I want to see how accurate the model is based on the image.

To that end, is there a function to compare the actual image taken with the model made using the image in real time within the RC program?

As shown in the picture below, is there a function where I can compare 2D images and 3D models using RC functions instead of manually placing them in the same position? (Except for image renders)





Is this what you mean:


For this you just drag and drop image from 1Ds view to 3D view. Or you can assign color bar to 3D view and just select images in 1Ds view.

For this will be better the mentioned Inspection tool, to see it complex. which images are aligned well and which not. 

Can you compare the 2D image in the same resolution condition instead of blurring it as shown in the picture?

No, it is not possible.

I can create a feature request for this if you wish.

Yes, I think it’s a really necessary function.
If you could create this function, when would you be able to schedule it?

Or is there a way to do what I needed to do through another program as above?

I can create just a request for this function. Then it will be on our developers, if they decide to implement it. Also, if there will be another demands for this function, it can increase its priority.

This is similar to what you need, but not sure, if you can find the precision from it:,