How to check overlap on multiple instances (of a blueprint class)

Hey all,
I’ve been working on a project for a while now. I’m close to having something to show, but need a little additional help with the blueprint side of things.

The project has the (fps) player able to salvage starship wrecks. The wrecks are made out of modular pieces, (see photos below) Now, i don’t want a minecraft scenario where if you remove all the pieces except one, it’s left floating there, it breaks the immersion.

My idea was to have each mesh have a collision box slightly larger than the mesh itself, and have the game check if one piece is left on it’s own, and if it is, enable physics for that one piece. In an ideal world where i’m a programmer as well as an artist, i’d have some sort of system that tests the stress between each piece and breaks the link if there is too much.

Does anyone have any idea how to implement this? I actually had it working before, but on an old (dead harddrive) and not with a blueprint class.

Thanks for reading, here’s some screenshots: