How to check object reference?

hi everyone I am trying to make a battle royale game (similar to fortnite) and have an inventory with 1 item (I know I know it’s not much but I plan to add more in the future) any way I need a way to check if the item the player picked up is the assault rifle (the only item in the game atm) but have had no luck with getting it to work (see image below for more details of the blueprint script) I have tried with checking if the object is = to the assault rifle and if so destroy the actor and if not than print a string but it just prints the string even though the actor placed in the world I am trying to pick up is the assault rifle (I say this because the assault rifle has a parent class called “item”)

sorry I forgot to add the image here it is (the second one is the first part of the script):

never mind I got it working :slight_smile:

Never mind got it to work all I did was get the variable for my structure then broke it so I could access the class variable and then checked if that was = to the assault rifle class :slight_smile: