How to check in editor if PC is using AMD or Nvidia GPU? DLSS

Good afternoon,

TLDR; Is there a way to check, in editor using blueprints, what GPU is currently being used? Or how would that work, how can I check if it’s AMD or Nvidia? Thank you!

I was thinking, if I ever get around to making a game, it would be nice to add DLSS. Since AMD gpus don’t support DLSS I should probably figure out how to remove it from an option menu completely or set it as inactive. I’ve searched a little about it, nothing relevant came up and typing gpu in the context menu didn’t return anything useful, well, useful in terms or checking if the gpu is a specific brand.

Thank you!

Actually, you don’t need to worry about that.
Here is the video of using DLSS in UE4 by EpicGames

Basically, there is a plugin that enables DLSS support and it will check everything on its own.

Also it adds this fuction.

Right on, thank you very much! =)

I thought it would be something gpu related in the editor, good to know it’s all on the dlss side.