How to check if the character is moving up?

I am wondering if there is a way to check if the player is moving up. For example; a player is running up a ramp, can I print “Moving Up”, or if they are moving down, print “Moving Down”. Another Example; Stopping a player from sprinting when they are moving up, but not when they are moving down.

The only way I thought this could happen is to get the transform of the character and check if the ‘z’ value is increasing or decreasing. Not sure if this is possible though.

how about getting the characters velocity? that will tell you if the character is moving up or down if you separate out the z axis

Thanks, but wouldn’t the velocity on the z axis only increase or decrease when in the air?

o yea i guess your right. i forgot that movement up slopes is just considered sliding in the xy plane and not actual z acceleration.

After playing around a bit I found that this worked, annotated it in case anyone was wondering how to do it.

Should have mentioned that first; the velocity value I had already found and stored as a variable, and second; all of that blueprinting is just connected to an Event Tick.