how to check if sound is still playing?

For this you should use SpawnDialogue2D instead of PlayDialogue2D and uncheck AutoDestroy.

Hi I want to check if a sound 2d(a dialogue) is playing(but the sound itself will come as a variable from another blueprint

how can i check if that “variable” is still playing?
I need this to put my characters mouths moving while there’s still dialogue running.

thanks in advance.

thank you. Could you explain or tell me where to find information regarding the spawn dialogue 2d? not sure what the whole context part of it is(it seems like its always giving me false in the branching and i suspect the context part of it is at fault)

ALSO, for the audio duration, how can i fire an event when it is not playing?(because right now this is all firing from a custom event, and it is not working on the tick, so im unsure how i can tell it to use the false branch afterwards so it stops the animation or does something else