How to check if player purchase a In App Purchase

Dear all,

I know how to make a in app purchase by using blueprint node "Make an In-App Purchase ",
but how do I know if a specific IAP has been already purchased by player?
By using “Read In-App Purchase Information” blueprint node? But I cannot see any information in the InAppPurchaseProductInfo struct related to if the player purchase it or not.

Also, I am not quite sure when I should use the “Restore In-App Purchases” blueprint node.
Can anyone tell me about this node?

Thank you so much!

Well if you are using ue4 google play service is kind of limited.
I reccomend you make a plugin for it

Check this because also depends of the kind of product are you selling.

Restore is explained in the link and it applies to products that should persist when a player buys it. For example anplayer buy an skin for his character.
Then he change the phone install the game again and he wants his skin on the new phone. Then you should i.plement a button called Restore purchase so the player gets his skin back again.

Thank you.
Then how should I know if a player purchase a particular non-consumable IAP?

As far as i know with ue4 functions you cant. You must create them by yourself.
There is a video about inapp purchases with unreal match3. The video kind of sucks because they show most the work done and there is a lot of useless chat but shows what functions are available for ue4 mobile

Where is the video?