How to check if player no longer can see pawn(AI)

I have a pawnSensing component and three dumb pawn.
When my player sees Pawn I’m doing simple thing l(print something on the main screen).
So there is my problem when player cant see pawn I want to do simple thing like print anything.
I’ve tried to googled it but couldn’t manage to find solution.

to be honest i’d prefer pawnsensing over linetrace but i’ll give it a try

So how can i do something like this?

Do you want to use the pawnsensing component or other solution will do?

I don’t know much about pawn sensing but the solution I would do is to use linetrace and trace it from my player to the pawns and check if something would hit before the pawns.

EDIT: Added my answer

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The linetrace setup:

  • The starting location would be the camera of your player
  • The end location would be the location of your pawn (If you have multiple pawns place them all in an array and fire the line trace with a foreachloop for multiple end points.)
  • After the line trace module cast it to your pawn (I forgot to add it to the pic but the outputs are working with a cast)

Thanks maan after 2 days of hard working I managed to make it work.
You are a real LifeSaver!