How to check if character is jumping?

How can I check if Character is jumping? I want to drain stamina and not allow to sprint while player is jumping. ACharacter::IsJumping and ACharacter::bPressedJump doesnt display true when Im jumping.

It’s been renamed to IsJumpProvidingForce(), if that doesn’t work you can check for IsFalling.

IsJumpProvidingForce() doesnt work, and how do I access IsFalling?

IsFailling() is on the character movement component

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You can use either IsFalling() function from the Character Movement Component or *bool ***WasFalling **just from Character Object



Or BP on the website: Movement and Jumping posted by UtmostCreator | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

I have done some testing and found out that IsFalling() is working better(in my case if I jump on sth, and then jump again I WasFalling returns **false ***while *IsFalling() return true, which is correct because I am falling after 2nd jump)