How to check if an in-app purchase has already be bought?

How to check if an in-app purchase has already be bought in blueprint ?

because succes node run only if the guy make a purchase ? but on the next restart of the game? how i do?

is that possible in blueprint in ue 4.8 to check if an in-app purchase has already be made for an user?

can we do something like “getPurchases” in bp?

how to deal with non consumable in-app purchases?

there is no way to retrieve if someone already bougth something?

Any luck finding a solution? I am currently trying to add my own code to make it work, with no success as of now.

What I did:

When user makes an in-app purchase, I create a save game, and save there in variables which in-app purchases have been made. At the start of each game I load from the save game object to check which in-app purchases have been made.

It would be great though if there was a blueprint for checking directly with apple, just in case the user deletes and reinstalls the game, so if, for example they bought a “Remove Ads” in-app purchase, they don’t have to buy it again(as with deleting the game, will delete the save game stuff aswell).

Hope I could help :slight_smile:

The Make an In-App Purchase Blueprint node supplies On Success / On Failure. These delegates return an enum of EInAppPurchaseState. One of the enum states is “Restored”. I believe this will allow the user to “re-purchase” but actually it just will allow you to re-run the save game code. Essentially you would just want to put a message saying “Purchase / Reactivate in app purchase by tapping on the product below” or something along those lines.

What we have to do to know whether player had already purchased the other or not ?