How to check if a string contains a certain word

Is there a way to check and see if a string contains a certain word, without knowing beforehand the absolute position in the string that that word might appear at using blueprints? Seems like that might be a bit outside the scope of what blueprints can do but it would be pretty handy.

Thank you so much.

Might not be the answer you want/need but there is a “Parse Into Array” node for string through that you can use the array functions, I dont know exactly how that node works though.

Isn’t there a way to combine an array of strings into a single string? If that is possible it might be better to store and reference your strings as arrays which you can then filter accordingly.

The best you make a new macro

There is an easier way



Here is an example of how to make this, including a Print command that shows you the string and substring when found.

Just in case anyone else stumbles on this. How about String Contains Node?