How to check if a certain object enters a trigger box or volume

Is there a way I can check to see if an object has entered a trigger volume?

add the beginoverlap event

How do I add the object to the beginoverlap event? I made a BP on my trigger-volume, and it says other actor. Not sure how to add it, but thanks for the response!

  1. you can place a trigger volume in your world.
    Select the trigger and open the level blueprint.
    rigt klick somewhere in the event graph then select
    add event for trigger …, then collision, then Add On Actor Begin Overlap

  2. You make your own Blueprint.
    Add a Collision Component


Then if you have your trigger selected, you will see on the right hand side

if not scroll a little bit down

There’s a tutorial video by Epic about this. - YouTube

It shows how to make a sliding door and explains what you’re looking for.