How to check if a certain console command is allready active?

If I want to 'Execute Console Command “stat unit” or “stat fps” , could I check if it is not allready active?
With every test in preview mode, it toggle’s on/off again.

I’m currently Executing the console command at begin play of my level blueprint. What should I change?

Just keep a variable at hand that will retain if the command is active or not.

Begin → If not active, Set Active Variable to true, Run Command

Stop → If Active, Set Active Variable to false, Run stop command

I assume you’re doing this for testing purposes. If so you don’t have to do it in the Level Blueprint. Just start your game in viewport and then open console with ~ key and enter desired console command (i.e. stat FPS). From now on the fps counter will appear in every ‘play in the active viewport’ session (until you restart the editor of course).

Or you can go to Edit → Editor preferences → General → Performance and check the ‘Show Frame Rate and Memory’ checkbox. It’ll show the performance stats in the upper right corner of the editor.