How to check for slopes in blueprints

Thank u but is there a way to make this into a boolean i am just beginning
So i dont know much

I would like to know how I could check if my character is on a slope how can I do that ??

The movement component knows what’s going on:

Image from Gyazo

Sure, anything that is more than 30 degree returns true:

If you set it to 1, the slightest unevenness will register as True - sloped. Do note that with this method not touching the ground counts as being on a slope.

How r u so quick also tysm

I did this and set the degrees a little higher but it returns true when landing on the ground after jumping how can I fix this

no need to reply I fixed my issue by using nearly equal

Another way to do it is to do a proper / longer trace towards the ground rather than rely on the movement comp. This way you’ll be able to tell whether the ground is sloping even if you’re mid-air. The rest would stay the same: