How to check for items in a specific area.

I have been trying for about a week now to get this volume to work. I am using blueprint to build a special trigger volume that will determine whether or not the player has moved the proper actors/meshes/objects into the right location.

This is for a survival type game where the player has to survive certain conditions by constructing things that allow them to endure the event.

The blueprint components are a box and a text render. When the box is touched, it checks to see what phase of the game the player is in. It then splits off via branches to get the player into the right place. After that, the blueprint is supposed to check inside the area that it occupies for any actors that are present there. This event should output an array that can be used in the for each later in the process.

Attached is an image of what I have been trying to do, but it is obviously wrong. Any help that could be given to get this working would be much appreciated.

Update: I have tried to change the “Box Overlap Actors” node with a “Get Overlapping Actors” node the array still does not store correctly.

use “component overlap actors” and " get world transform" (uncheck sensitive to find it) for your transform then loop the array and print string on “event tick” to see (to set object types / filter / ignore)
edit :

or you can right click and use “on component begin overlap” event too and use the “other actor” output, depending of your situation.

so what would the “Type Selected” enum be if you are looking for actors?

Add as much values as you need world static / world dynamic /pawn, depending of what you want to be considered / ignored, and select actor as class filter.

there is one more problem that is preventing me from checking to see if this works. I am using the level blueprint to set an array that stores what items are needed for the level to be complete. The entire trigger process checks for actors and the array that I am trying to use stores actors. Why is it that I can’t store a static mesh in the array? I thought a static mesh WAS an actor.

I’ve just try this to verify :

It is in character bp but it works fine with static meshes and blueprints set in level bp. If you have an issue it may be from your array, or you mistaken on type selection or a bug happened and you’d better delete and create a new one. Or your static meshes have a collision trouble (like block instead of overlap or generate overlap events not checked)