how to check axis tap & double tap with c++

hello, sorry if this is kind of a noob question, i’m trying to move some of the basic mechanics of my game to the c++.

i have a setup for my player where he can tap and double tap each direction (up, down, left, right) plus an attack key to make an attack, all of these is working in bluebrint, it works very fine.

but i want to move all these input mechanic to the c++ level, i think this is better for the performance of the game, but i have searched over the web and over the ue4 forums and didn’t found any sample or tutorial on how to check tap and double tap with c++ code.

can any one point to my in the right direction?

thanks in advance for all the help.

Is double tap an option in the editor? Im not at home so cant look. If so, can you swap IE_PRESSED to something like IE_Doubletap?

Otherwise you could do it manually. Have a TimeButtonLastPressed and and check the tines between each press. :slight_smile:

peusdo code:

on button pressed:
if TimeNow - TimeButtonLastPressed < 1 second
then a double tap happened
TimeButtonLastPressed = TimeNow

Or more like “IE_DoubleClick” ?