How to check a specific Array element

Hi everyone, I have a probably easy question to resolve but it is driving me a little bit crazy.

In my game, I have a list of object which, whenever I pick one of them, I get a text as a description for that object.
Then, I also want to be able to review that information through an ‘‘Object List Menu’’ that I already set as a widget.
When I pick an object, I add a child to a scroll box that is a button. When I press any of these buttons added, (each one is showing each object’s name), I want to show the object info that I want to bind to this button.

Here is the tricky part for me.

The list of objects found is working fine, and each one is a button.

But, when I click any of them, I get the text from both of them, basically because I set the Object description text when the child widget is constructed. The thing is that I don’t know how to create the array of buttons and when I click a specific button of the list, show the correct information. Basically, the information associated with that specific object.

This is why both object texts are being shown at the same time right now, as I set both the name (for the button) and the description when the widget is constructed.

And here is the part of my CharacterBP that adds the Child to the scrollbox inside the Object Menu widget. How should I create an Array (I guess I should do this with an Array?) and then, check the specific array element when I click the respective button of that object?

Please help me… I have been the whole day with this and I cannot figure out how to solve it!

Thank you to anybody who helps me!

There is many ways to do this eg. if the button has a variable “RowName” then when the button is pressed it can create the description widget and tell it to use that specific “RowName” so the description widget can get it from the data table directly. Remember if you mark a variable as “Expose on spawn” and “Instance editable” then it can be passed into the CreateWidget node so it will be set before the construct node in the widget is called.