How to check a condition during the "AI Move To" node?

I have an “AI Move To” node in the blueprint that moves the enemy character to a random reachable location. Furthermore, I have a “Pawn Sensing” node as well, which detects if the enemy character sees the player character and starts following the player. The main issue is that if the enemy character is going to a random location described by the “AI Move To” node, the enemy cannot sense the player during that time. It can sense the player character when it has reached the specific location (I’ve added a delay after “On Success” and “On Fail” pins). I want to make the enemy character sense the player character even during its movement, as described by the “AI Move To” node.

Can someone please assist me in achieving the same?
Thank you.

Hi @GhostFreak046 ,

you should definitely look at the behavior trees in order to do that. Interrupting tasks and running checks on you game status needs a more advanced toolset which the Behavior trees provide.

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Thank you. I’ll have a look.

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