How to charge jump with "Get Input Key Time Down"?

I want to do a simple charge jump and after looking at several methods how to do it (Event tick, while Loop) I thought Get Input Key Time Down is the most simple method.

I thought about something like this:

So basically I wanted to start the timer when I pressed down the jump button and when I released it the time value should be multiplied with some factor and launch my character. But this didnt work. Nothing happened and I guess the timer remained Zero.

Any ideas?


Get Input Time Down seems to need Event Tick in order to work. I had a similar problem, resolved with the Gate flow control structure. Here’s a snapshot of a possible easy solution :

After some experiments, the gate approach indeed manage to capture the keydown time but utterly fail to properly launch the character ( as the lanch function is called everytime the gate exits, every tick ). So a timeline-based approach what i’ve tested:

The player can jump by pressing and releasing the jump button from 0 to 5 seconds; holding for 5 seconds jumps anyway. In this case releasing the jump button in air would recall the launch function, this is what the “Is Falling” branch prevents. Fully tested and working.