How to character dash only when its moving

I just started learning ue4 and I learned the dash mechanic from a youtube tutorial. However there is something I would like to change, how to make it so the the character can only dash when its moving and not when its standing still?
Attached below is the code snippet:

void AMyProjectCharacter::Dashing()
	const FVector ForwardDir = this->GetActorRotation().Vector();
	LaunchCharacter(ForwardDir * DashDistance * DashSpeed, true, true);

Sidenote, the youtube tutorial only calculated the speed travelled but I would also like to separate it to the speed and distance travelled. I just multiplied it as above but is there a proper to calculate the distance and speed?

I suggest checking that the character’s velocity is above a certain threshold to allow dashing, or if it suits better, checking an input is held down.

I don’t know quite what you’re asking for in your second question

Thanks for replying, but how do I check the character velocity? I tried to make an if statement, but I do not know how to call it, I tried an if (GetActorForwardVector.Value != 0), but its showing me an error

You could try this:

if(GetCharacterMovement()->Velocity != FVector::ZeroVector){

There is also a method:


But I’ve never used it, so I’d assume it is false if the Velocity is zero. You’d have to test it to be sure.

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This did it for me, thank you so much