How to Change Your Display Name?

Hey Guys Just wanted to know how to change my display name on Epic Games Launcher? Any Help Much appreciated. Thnx

Hi JakeHildick,

Please email so we can assist you with this further.

Your Epic display name is used across all their products

  1. You can contact with your request (as mentioned).

  2. (I prefer this method) You can go to the following link and submit the form on there: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

Note: If the above link does not work and search for help - you may need some patience with that. I found it under About Epic > FAQ, and then you’ll find links in there. You can go here: as a shortcut. (Note that I’m giving all these links because you will submit your details on that form, and you may want to make sure you get to the right place to avoid the theft of your info / hackers.) -Search the support centre for ‘How do I change my display name?’ or ‘display name’. You can try this link to get to the form should it still work: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

-Submit the form

-Wait for their email and follow their instructions.

Note that you can only change your user name once every 6 months (at time of writing - this could change in the future, or not) I recommend that you use your actual name, or your nickname. This way, people know who they are talking to.

Thanks and good luck.

PS: Copied above answer I found somewhere, while I was also looking for the same thing, from user “Neville Adams”

jeg kan ikke ændre mit navn fordi at jeg har kommet til at skrive min email forkert og jeg vil ellers gerne hedde Twicth Maddi


hot to verify your account for display name