How to Change Viewports & Viewport Focus?

When I’m working with 4 viewports displayed and an actor already selected in the current viewport (which is highlighted)… is there a best way to highlight a different viewport without losing the selected object?

I am currently right-clicking in the desired viewport (which does select the desired viewport without losing the selected actor) but it opens an unwanted context menu which must then be closed each time. This is annoying. Is there a more efficient way to change viewports?

Also… UE4 frequently loses focus when working. If I have a selected actor in the current viewport and I go to hit ‘F’ to Focus Selected… the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work because focus has been lost. To get focus back, I must right-click in the current viewport (which opens the context menu - which must now be closed). After doing this, focus has been brought back to the viewport and the ‘F’ Focus Selected keyboard shortcut now works as desired.

Is there an easier way to get focus back to the selected viewport without opening undesired context menus?