How to change viewport wireframe color?

I find the deep purple wireframe of movable meshes hard to see. Is there a way to change that color?

Here having the same question and also extending it to all the colors in editor when in wireframe mode. It is possible to hover in a object and it is highlighted, but still colors are really difficult to see in contrast with the gray background. Morover making a difference in colors between blueprint generated meshes and placed meshes is not useful for me. Can all this things be set in options?

Bump. Same problem. Can hardly see my blocking volumes.

bump, me too. But, I saw a gold/white dress so…

Bump. Any news on this?

A hackfix is downloading NegativeScreen from

After starting it rightclick on its icon and Edit Configuration. Notepad starts, paste the following at the end of the file:

{  -0.3333333,  0.6666667,  0.6666667,  0,  0 }
{  0.6666667,  -0.3333333,  0.6666667,  0,  0 }
{  0.6666667,  0.6666667,  -0.3333333,  0,  0 }
{  0,  0,  0,  1,  0 }
{  0,  0,  0,  0,  1 }

At the top of the file find the InitialColorEffect line and set it like this:
Save the file and restart NegativeScreen. It will change the colors of the screen and makes movable meshes stand out a bit more. Win+Alt+N toggles the effect.

EDIT: Slightly better color matrix.

Hi ZoltanE:

I have entered the following feature request to add the ability to change or adjust wireframe colors in the orthographic views of the viewport: JIRA [UE-22531] If this feature becomes incorporated into the Engine, you will be notified with an update to this post.

Thank you for the feedback,


Here is how to hack
to change the dark purple wireframe color of dynamic meshes:

The same logic can be daisy chained to change other colors too. The calculation is not super optimal but it works with the values the inbuilt color picker produces when hovering over something in a viewport.

It’s probably best to keep a copy of this asset as a backup in case the engine gets updated.

now you can change it in rendering options ( details). But you have to do it every time…with 1000 objects is embarrashing. It would be great to have an “ramdom color each object” automatically. Because in TOP view ( for example), when workin in a 3 floor house it’s impossible to identify objects