How to change timeline duration and have updates relate to new time?

I’m using a timeline to move an actor over the period of 2 seconds. I accomplished this by setting the timeline to run for 2 seconds, added a float key of 0 at 0.00seconds, and another of 1 at 2.00seconds. Then I used each update as the alpha in a Lerp to get a location between starting and ending position.

This works fine, but I’m having difficulties figuring out how the length of the timeline works and how it affects keys. EG: If I “Set New Time” to 3 seconds, how do I get the key to automatically change from 1 at 2.00seconds, to 1 at 3.00seconds?

I’m not 100% but i think the ‘set new time’ function actually just jumps the current location along the timeline to that time, rather than change the length of the timeline.

What I have done when I wanted something like you’re trying to do, is create a timeline of duration 1 second, with value going from 0-1. You can then grab a reference to the timeline and use the ‘set play rate function’ to change how fast it runs. Set play rate to (1/desired duration) and you’ll get what you want. So in your case, if you have a timeline of length 1 second, and set the play rate to 1/3, you’ll get a timeline that now takes 3 seconds to complete.

I’ve only used this with linear float tracks though, I haven’t really needed to do anything else with it, i’m not sure if there’s a way to move keys in code like you’re after (but i haven’t really looked either).

I’ll give that a shot and let you know. This may just work.

EDIT: Worked PERFECTLY. Thank you!

Just thought I would chime into this old post as well but first off thanks as this worked well for what I was needing to use it for and it makes reusing already existing timelines. So I made a visual reference as to how I set up one of the instances of the timeline to resale base on a time of minutes if anyone in the future may run across looking to do the same thing.


Thanks Guys.
You Guys are Angels

Very useful BP for setting speed. As a side note for others, You got the timeline as a target by dragging it in the BP and choosing Get.

Thanks for the breakdown, all. Very helpful! I made a minor to change so it works regardless of timeline duration.

Cannon Firing is the timeline. Fire Rate is the variable driving the play rate.


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From the components list in the ‘My Blueprint’ window… Took me a bit to figure out where to drag it from as my components list was collapsed.

You can also right click in the bp and type the name of the timeline, it will show up as a getter.