How to change time of day and light settings in editor

I have tried following this tutorial: UEFN Time Of Day Settings | Tutorial
However, I don’t have those settings. I only have what you can see in the image I attached below:
(the dropdown menu does not have any items other than the one currently selected)

How can I change the time of day and light intensity? I want to add more lamps and edit their spot/point light and see how they would look in-game, but it’s a pain to push the changes every time I do so and wait a long time.

What can I do?

I think its been changed since then, just drag in the Day Sequence Device from Fortnite/Devices, then you’ll be able to change time of day, fixed or changing, sun path etc.

How do I use? I have tried to set a custom time but it doesn’t work in the editor or in-game. As you can see in the image below, I set the time to 00:00 but it’s still day (it is in-game too)

eek… try setting the priority to maybe 10,000…hang on

oops I crashed editor after dragging in a simple sky volume on top.

you must have another conflicting environmental light set up overriding, check your Outliner for environmental light related things.

I have tried searching for keywords like “day”, “envi”, “light”, etc both in Spanish and English and there are no results other than the day sequencer I placed. I’ve tried settings its priority to the max number possible but it still doesn’t change the sky. Could there be an editor setting that was affecting this?

Oh maybe the dropdown menu from Time of Day in World Settings has a new option now

It doesn’t :frowning:
The map I am using is the Tilted Towers POI if that helps

OK I see whats happening, the Day Sequence device is there but greyed out and locked.

Remove the Day Sequence Device I suggested.

Goto IslandSettings0 and in the User Options you can set the Time Of Day.

This won’t update to viewport, hopefully on Launch it will work, but use the slider up top while working in editor.

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The problem is that I want the time to change in the editor. It works perfectly in the game itself but I want it to be at night in the editor as well so modifying lights is easier. It’s at night in the game but day in the editor. Is there something else I can try?

the time of day slider at the top of Viewport changes the editor time of day…hang on I am looking at your pic above and you don’t have it, let me see where to turn it on

Hefty autosave time, seems stuck saving, anyway I was going to look to the right of Push Changes Button on the same grey bar is the >> click on that and see if there is an option to show time of day button there, I think I have a stuck editor.

I can’t see a setting there maybe Toggle the Viewport Widget UI off and on again.
But you should have this…

I’ve tried checking every section possible but I can’t find that button anywhere! How can I enable it?

I cannot find it either ??? submit a bug report and request Viewport Toolbar Widget UI toggles, or something.

I will, thanks for your help!

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I don’t have this button either, was this ever solved?