How to change this material..?


So in this image you can see the material I’m using to give my landscape a more low-poly look (as evidenced by looking at the sphere shown in the left, it luckily works)

However, I want to make those squares that make it low poly larger, and I’m having some trouble increasing their size.

If anybody knows how to, please tell me! I’ve been messing around with it for about an hour now and can’t seem to make it more low-poly.

Thank you for your help!

With your setting, you expose the faces of the mesh.
If you model your mesh with that in mind, you will have a perfect control of the size of each face because you will build them in your modelisation software.

In deed, you’re looking for some sort of anti-tesselation system :slight_smile:
It would be a bit dysfunctional to artificially reduce the number of poly by material on a too high poly model, no ?

Good thinking, thanks for the help!

If I’m understanding correctly I essentially just need to make lower res models so the faces are larger when exposed; I’ll try that out, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You build a normal map from the world position of the faces in your material.
In fact, you just remove the smoothing effect in the lighting of each poly… It’s the same ting as the “facets” render style in 3DS max.
So, what you see is the polys of the mesh , without smoothing lighting :slight_smile: