How to change the world unit scale

Is it possible to change Unreal’s default unit of measurement? For example cm to meters?

In the following picture the square is currently 500,000cm X 500,000cm; can I change the measurement from cm to meters (500,000 cm to 500,000 m) but have it take up the same space in the game world (still 500,000 game units)?

Is Wrong idea to change scale inside the UE4 becouse if you after want to make our use assets from our for marketplace your wrong scale generate problems for you our your clients.
I suggest to change your setting in your 3D modelling software
Here tutorial to change scale in maya and maya lt: UE4/Maya: Set Up Grid in MayaLT/Maya to Match Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
Here for 3ds max - YouTube
If you need this rescale to other 3D software you found all in youtoube tutorials by searching
Name of Software + to UE4 Scale

I think I may have worded my question wrong let me try again.

I want to change what the unit of measurement is.

In other words if I have a square that is 10 units by 10 units (by default this would be 10 cm by 10 cm). Can I change something in the engine so that those 10 units can be changed to meters or some other measurement of distance?
So I could change this square so it is still 10 by 10 units but now reads as being 10 by 10 meters?

I understand your question but ue4 working on cm you need to change the engine c++ code but is little dangerous if you dont know what to change

So I would just have to scale down the objects if I wanted them to be smaller in my set world?

And there is no way of having the measurement read anything other then cm?

You can use a trick by decrease the scale parameter on importing the object by default

That has nothing to do with what I said.

Would I just have to scale everything down and deal with my objects being measured in cm. (even though they are supposed to be measured in meters).

And/or is there any way of changing the label of the measurement?
The objects would still be the same size; they would just have their measurement read meters instead of centimeters.

I found it

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That is partially what I want but not quite it quite, that will convert what the measurements are listed as but it won’t keep them the same size.

In other words: 2500 cm = 25 m.
I want 2500 cm to 2500 m (same size in the game world just a different label)

Use scale parameter in this case no way to hack the sistem is mean to working in this way. And why you need this?

I am wanting to have large objects in a large map (a map bigger than the 5km or so that is available by default and vehicles that are at minimum about 5m tall) So I wanted to have the unit scale in meters so that I wouldn’t have to convert all their sizes to a smaller scale.

If all thinks was big and only characeters was little why dont build the world in normal scale and after scale manualy only caracters?
Aniway all objects you need to build in 3rd part 3D software like maya, 3ds max in this programs you just can set modelling size to meters and when import in UE4 in automatically bumped x 100

I just wanted the scale to be written correctly. For example a 50m long battleship being written as being 48 cm or something.

Hey MK Studio ! I just changed my units from cm to mm but it seems like it does not impact my simulation. Do you have any idea ?
(I’m simulating the collision beetween too objects, and i need to verify if there is no interaction before 25 mm deplacement) And i tried to enter floats values but it doesnt take it.
It would really help me if you have any idea .