How to change the time of day to static day or night

Thanks for Watching Leave suggestions for things you would like to know and ill do my best to figure it out and make a tutorial

This is a fantastic tutorial. Really handy! Thanks for putting it together.
I would love to be able to use a keypress to switch between static day and static night.
I think this would be a popular request if you made a follow up tutorial!

Would this be the best approach?
Use the keyPress to toggle the Sunspeed variable between two numbers.
So, pressing the key down would repeatedly switch the sun between day and night.

To animate between day and night, would the keypress event:
-start the sunspeed timeline.
-an if statement waits for sunspeed to hit a particular value (night).
-when this value is reached, the timeline is paused again.

Would this be the best way to do it?