How to change the text with a button click?

Hi everyone.

I want to display a specific text and when you click on the “NEXT” button the text should change to another one. I saw tutorials were they explain that but it was always with one alternative text. I want to do it with hundreds of differents texts in a specific order.

What would be the best approach? I could make a Widget Blueprint for each text and make the first invisible and the second one visible (then the third one and so on) but it doesn’t feel right and would be very time consuming with many texts. I’m sure that there is a better solution.

i think a data table to hold the text will be easiest.

there is a great little helper library on asset store called data table function library and it has this convenient node:
(does same thing as I’ve shown above, just condensed into a single node)


Thanks I will try that.

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