How to change the size of vanilla dino's?

Hey guys I know resizing is covered in various ways on youtube and threads but my question is a little specific.

I want to make a mod that instead of creating new dino’s i want to just resize the original ones. Every thing that deals with this seems to be making a whole new creature including having to fill out every new spawn point etc. I just want the game to spawn the standard dino’s but at a new size that I specify.

I followed this:

, however he makes a new creature so not exactly what I was trying to do. I copied the mesh and BP of the Achatina (2 files) over into my mod folder without changing the names of the files, and adjusted the scale in the mesh as well as both the scale and capsule in the BP. Someone mentioned in the comments that re-rigging all the animations isn’t necessary if you let it use the vanilla animations so I left the re-rigging part out. I couldn’t work out how to spawn the resized Achatina inside the dev kit test world so I cooked as game mod, uploaded, sub’d and spawned in SP but no change.

Can someone please give me a step by step or link me to one if that’s ok? Also quick advice on how to spawn modded critters in the ADK test world, I tried spawning the BP but it didn’t show. Thanks