How to change the name of a C++ class?

Hey Everyone,
I made a new C++ project in unreal 4.27 and noticed that I can no longer make C++ classes on the Content folder and I need to make it on the C++ classes folder but When I made one class and wanted to delete it it was not possible I also tried to rename it but it alse did not worked so how do I rename a C++ class from The C++ classes folder?

You cant rename C++ classes in the Unreal Editor, you got to do it through VS or the explorer.

  1. In file explorer, edit file name.
  2. In file explorer, right-click on your UProject file and click “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”
  3. Open VS and re-name your generated.h file, includes, etc, to match the new file name.

thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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Did it and it doesn’t worked
It messed a test project luckly

Worked like a charm, thank you!