How to change the Editor Viewport resolution?

Just wondering if and how i can change my Editor viewport resolution ? For example from 1080p to 4K, from 4K to 720p etc… is there is even a indication somewhere in what resolution im currently in ?

Resolution of the viewport is exactly tied to screen size, but it can be scaled.

Hit the ` key and type r.ScreenPercentage followed by a number. So if you have a 1080p monitor and your viewport is full screen immersive mode, r.ScreenPercentage 400 will scale 400% to 4k. If you monitor is 4k in immersive mode, r.ScreenPercentage 25 will scale it down 4 times to 1080p. This also works at runtime.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer! Since my windows desktop resolition is set to 4K my Editor viewport is automatically set to 4K, ok good to know. Isn’t there also a slider for the screen percentage in the Editor or am i wrong here ?

You’re welcome! And yes, go to the toolbar and find Settings > Engine Scalability Settings > Resolution scale. But the slider only goes up to 100%. If you want to scale up from that, you’ll need to use the console command.

Allow me to clarify one thing, just because you have a 4k screen doesn’t mean your viewport is 4k. If your viewport only takes up a quarter of your screen, its effective resolution is a quarter of 4k. It maps 1:1 with the pixels it occupies. You’d have to full screen the viewport on a 4k screen to have a 4k viewport.

yeah makes sense, so when my viewport is at fullscreen than it’s running at 4K. Thanks again!