how to change the controls in Top Down to WASD

it says it all int the title i want to change it from click to move to WASD controls and for some reason its not working any ideas on how to do this


In TopDown template, WASD event exist, but not connected. Find MyController blueprint and in Event Grapgh tab add this:

That’s really strange. I did it exactly as on the picture, but the character is moving in opposite directions. Pressing W and he runs down, pressing A and he runs to the right. I am totally confused. This is my input mapping, looks alright to me. What else might be wrong with such behavior, please?

Ok I have figured it out after some long hours of despair. Apparently problem wasn’t in logic, but incorrect angle of view at the world. I had to rotate PlayerStart actor so the player actor along with camera is rotated correctly as well.

Did you manage to get the player to stop at the end of the navmash? If so: can you post what your code looks like?