How to change the color of multiple parts of a texture?

I have a brick material and a basecolor map from substance designer. I manually imported all the maps(no plugin).

I wish to make the bricks 1 color and the mortar between the brocks another. I assumed I could just take the basecolor map and one minus it with just two color lerps.

But if you do that the colors blend over each other.

So how do you get the bricks color map too only be 1 color, while the mortar part would only be another. Mask and then color? Feel like that adds unnecessary complexity to a very simple material otherwise.

Input appreciated, thanks.

Take the texture sample, lerp with vector param twice and have 1 be one minus. Multiply both by each other seems to do the trick.

If you put the texture sample into the alpha of the lerp the colors won’t ​blend, this is pretty basic stuff but maybe it will save someone the 30 minutes of googling I had to do.