How to change the bone transform (modify) bone has selected during play


Basically I’ve got a situation in which I want the upper body, spine upwards, to rotate with camera angle when the right mouse button is pressed (right mouse button changing the animation from ‘idle’ to ‘aiming weapon’.) Then when its not pressed, the same rotation is applied just to the head, kind of for the effect of the character looking around with the camera.

What i think is happening is basically is because the spine is higher up in bone hierarchy its sort of overwriting the heads rotation input. As the head rotates fine when i remove the other transform bone from the equation.

is there a way in which i could simply have one transform bone at the end of chain and change which bone its transforming from during play?

or if not is the another alternative? I’m new to animation based stuff so feel free to explain anything that might be really obvious :slight_smile: