How to change texture via Blueprint in a LayeredMaterial?

As you can see I have to change the Alpha map in a blended material setting a different mask via Blueprint. When I create the blueprint I cant add this layered material to it, how can I do that please?

Hi man
If i got it right… you can set a parameter in material using some nodes like this Set Material Instance Texture Parameter Value | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi, ok but in the Blueprint I cant set use the layered material. Basically, just dropping the layered material above in the material slot of the blueprint it’s red! So what can I dot?

Hi man,
you cant apply the layered material?
maybe you have to instance one , give a look at this [UE4 Tutorial] How To Make a Basic Layered Material in UE4 (pt. 2) - YouTube

Material is instanced and applied but I cant change any of the shared parameters of materials, like colors or texture

Post us a screenshot,
are you casting to the instanced material and setting the parameter dont change anything or give you errors?
what kind of error you get?

I’m working now using different instances and now the problem is a bit more complicated. I will eventually post a screenshot.

I have the bp called Floor. In this BP I have to set a material for a static mesh contained in another BP called Cube.
In the set material, “target node” is blank , so how can I get Cube mesh from the other BP ?

You have to get a reference to the actor Cube .

For exmaple from inside the floor, get actor of class, (this will give you the first found, good if you have only 1)
Drag the pin and search “get static mesh” choose the right staticmesh inside the CubeBlueprint,

If you have many :
you can have a list of all the Cubes in the scene, using “get All Actor of class”
This will give you an array with all of them , you use a for-each-loop , to search in all of them for the right one … reading a tag… or searching for variables…

You can use a linetrace, unde the mouse click…

or many other ways

I’m trying everything but there is no way to get a simple variable from another class!! this is the one of the reason why I avoid visual scripting… coding it is 200% easier

So now please, how can I solve this puzzle below?? I just need ti simply retrieve a variable value from BP_Floor

ok so finaaly I’ve solved the issue.
Its is not possible the communication between any BP, only specific BP are allowed to do that. I’m currently using the GameInstance to share variables between BPs