How to change starting camera position if I move ThirdPersonCharacter?

Created a project based on C++ 3rd Person template in 4.22.3.
I followed a simple YouTube video on adding landscape from Terrain Party. Works well… But then I saw that the ‘arena’ was like a thousand feet in the air, so I moved the arena and all its bits down to where the terrain is.

Then I wanted to hit play. … the game starts and the 3rd person Camera is still 1000 feet up in the air! I see clouds and not my ThirdPersonCharacter!

I don’t see any camera item in the ‘World Outliner’ to make that change… How do I see the ThirdPersonCharacter properly in camera when I hit ‘Play’? In fact, I ‘unpossessed’ and didn’t see the ThirdPersonCharacter at all in the scene… where did he go? lol

[Update] - on the second try, I brought the Landscape up (Z axis) to be close to the ‘arena’ instead. Now, the player can run off on to the landscape, but disappears when he goes too low on a hill