How to change Spline location during runtime?

What I want seems pretty simple - I want to be able to change the spline location at BeginPlay or after it’s already been built in the level. Basically, a Spline+road that changes during play.

My current blueprint setup for changing a spline point location is here. What I tried to do is get the spline point location, then add a vector on top of it, before setting the new spline point location. Currently this approach doesn’t work.

Any pointers would be appreciated!

You’re moving the spline point but not the actual spline mesh component - they do not follow automatically. Once a spline point is moved run-time, you’ll need to recalculate the position and tangent of the spline mesh component as well.

You probably have a method for this in the Construction Script. It would look similar but rather than adding new SMCs, you’d adjust an existing one.

Run this on begin play:


You’ll see that the spline point has moved.