How to change size using Unreal unit dimensions within Unreal?

I really hate to ask such a simple question. But I can’t find the answer.

I can’t find how to directly change the dimensions of a geometry in Unreal Units.

For example I drag a Cube into the scene.

I can see in the Edit window for the Cube that it is 100x100x100.

I would like to change this Cube into a 20 foot x 20 foot floor, which is 609.600 Centimeters or Unreal Units.


Where do I type in these dimensions?

Thank you.

This depends on the size of the object. If your mesh was 100x100 in Maya at export time, unreal’s 1x1 scaled will be 100x100 cm. I believe the cube that comes predefined is 1 cubic meter. If you need a size reference drag out a BSP brush and set its size to what you want then scale your static mesh accordingly.

I’m not importing or exporting anything.

I just want to change the size of something that already exists in an Unreal scene. Using Unreal Units.

I gave the example of a basic cube I dragged in from the basic Modes Window.

Another example would be if you created a Default New Level.

It comes with a sky and a floor.

That floors states it is 1000x1000x50.

If I want to change that to 609.600x609.600x50, where do I input those dimensions in Unreal to scale it?

I am interested in this as well… When I place BSP cubes in the world they are defaulted to a scale of 1.0 in xyz. This makes it really difficult to follow tutorials as the tutorials show them being scaled and resized in units, not per scale. (For example, if you want a cube to be 250 units high, you type in 250 units, not 25). Is there a way to change the behavior in the 4.19 editor to accommodate this? I do not want to deal with the nightmare of figuring out floats etc to get things to match up correctly by adjust scale as a 1:1