How to change shots in sequence using blueprints?

Hellow, everyone.
I want to make dialogs as cinematic sequences with changeble parts (shots or takes). For example: There is a quest - kill rats. If warrior talk to NPC he would kindly accept the quest and if you play as a troll he’ll mock an npc, but accept quest too.
Can I manage shots inside master sequence using blueprints? Or takes?

[Eng] 1000 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL: Free Dialogue System - YouTube Its a free plugin, search in the descriptions where you could download them. I think this will cover everything you need. I hope this plugin will help you.

Hello, thank you so much for link, but it’s not what I need.
Dialogs in my game are dialog sequences. Dialog sequence consists of shots. I want to change shots in sequence (replace shots) in some way.