How to change screenshot location?

In my archviz, I configured a button to take a screenshot of the view, but I would like the images to be saved directly to the desktop, is it possible?

is there a documentation somewhere on how to configure such a button? I am interested in this topic because I would like to realize something like this in my projects.
Thanks for your help and tips.

i will use with a keyboard entry.

you are very kind. Thank you for that.
But you didn’t get any more information for your original question above?
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So, you can’t set the screenshot directory from the Editor without changing the source. However, you can use a file system “trick” to create a link between the Screenshots folder in your project and another folder on your machine using the MKLINK command:…-in-window-10/

So, using the command:

mklink /J C:\MyGame\Saved\Screenshots D:\UE4Screenshots

creates a new “folder” called Screenshots that actually points to the D drive. You should note that you’ll need to remove the existing Screenshots folder before running the command.


Tanks Tom!! woks!

Hey, attempted something similar and found that HighResShot has an optional argument where you can specify the filename.

In UnrealClient.cpp,

bool GetHighResScreenShotInput

it will check the argument string for “filename=” and then later in

void FScreenshotRequest::CreateViewportScreenShotFilename

if the override path includes a “/” it will not concat the name with default screenshot location.

So calling

HighResShot 2 filename="C:/Users/Me/Pictures/Screenshot.png"

will dump the image in the path provided.