How to change root bone of animation?

I have flying dragon, but his root is sort of on the ground, I need to achieve static place on one part of his body for seating - so the animations sort of play from that place around it, how would I go about achieving that? I dont see option to change root in skeletal mesh or option to apply retargeter.

Or whatever is good way to go around this

This is for UEFN, but I the assets are from UE and can be edited in UE.
Just please focus on this problem instead of telling me of other ways to achieve this in UE as some other functions like ataching the seating to specific spine etc are not available.

This needs to be the new root bone:

This is the current root bone:

This is the flying position and seating, where I need to create illusion of the seating to be atached to the dragon(The body and neck move up and down so its currently going through or away from the chair):

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I did this so you’ll have visibility for the topic you need- as stated in your original post, you don’t want UE, you want UEFN help, so I’m just lending a hand to get you to the right people. :slight_smile:

Dont think you helped me tho, there is higher chance that somebody who knows retargeting and similar stuff reads through UE forums (I also dont mind changing that skeletal mesh in UE), that is why I posted here. I was explaining just so people avoid telling me that there are different or better ways to achieve what I want in UE through blueprints, attaching seating specificaly to bone etc.

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No worries then, let’s just put it in both, if that’s how you’re feeling about it! :slight_smile:

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Ok, thx.

You’re too good for this wretched world.

Also, how different is the UEFN from the standard edition? I tried helping UEFNers before, but they usually have no idea what I’m talking about.

I was going to chime in, and then I saw UEFN and froze in my frosty tracks.

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I can use UE as the assets are exported from UE pack.

Most material and skeleton functions are the same for UE and UEFN.

I mentioned that it is for UEFN because there are no other options to do this for what I want and I was getting lot of responses on discord that focused on other solutions that might be “better” workflow… Changed the description so its hopefully more clear.

I just need the animation to be “static” on the spine 3 so it created illusion of seating being attached to the dragon - really best way I can think of with current options, maybe I need to change animation for that not sure, but if I could do this directly in UE that would be great as I could apply it to more animations.

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Ah, okay, have you tried using a socket that is offset from the root bone?

If you attach the character to the back of the dragon, for sure, the character is going to look ridiculous, bobbing to and fro.

But if you attach a socket directly to the root, then the dragon’s transformations should apply to the rider as well, without the excess motion.