How to change resolution with slider?

Hi. I have a question. How can i change game resolution with slider. Im trying find it on google but i cant find anythink.
Can somebody help me?

Thank you for your help. But i have another problem, i done everything what is in the pictures but when i press the button it change only text and resolution doesnt change.

Still nothing.

Can you share screenshot button blueprint?

You mean this?

I dont now why but whatever resolution i chose nothing work.

Ok now its working i done something wrong but now its working thanks for your help.

Hi Tekys152,

I created simply example for you. You can examine it from below.

Cuz you must test on Standalone Mode


Yes. True command example r.setRes 1920x1080f. You misapplied :slight_smile:

You are welcome. If your problem resolved accept mark correct for other peoples. Link here